Looking for a way to break into the world of e-commerce without getting lost in the confusion? Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course might just be your route to success. Created by the young entrepreneur, Biaheza, this program is designed to turn beginners into successful drop shippers.

According to Yaguara.co dropshipping is responsible for 23% of all online sales. This highlights the importance of understanding the potential for those interested in exploring e-commerce opportunities.

We have reviewed the entire Biaheza Dropshipping course to give you an honest overview of what the course cost covers, program details, any additional or hidden cost, and their legitimacy. Additionally, we reviewed complaints from real users to get a more complete perspective.

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Biaheza Dropshipping

What is Biaheza Dropshipping? 

The Biaheza Dropshipping course is designed to guide students through the process of setting up their dropshipping businesses. Using a combination of YouTube videos, Facebook ad strategies, and Instagram theme pages, the course offers a comprehensive approach to online retail. 

While the primary focus is on dropshipping, the course’s content is diverse, covering topics from:

This varied curriculum aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed for success in e-commerce.

How Does Biaheza Dropshipping Work?

Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course is structured into nine modules, offering a concise yet comprehensive overview of dropshipping. 

Characterized by its conciseness, the course format is comparable to an extended YouTube tutorial, making it accessible to those who prefer simple, focused learning materials. With most modules consisting of a single video and a total of 11 videos across the course, it stands out for its effectiveness. 

Video times range, with the longest reaching approximately 18 minutes and the shortest under a minute, module 9 diverges from this norm by containing multiple videos, but overall, the course preserves a streamlined approach to education in e-commerce.

Who is Biaheza, the Creator of Biaheza Dropshipping?

Biaheza is a young and successful entrepreneur from California, who launched his dropshipping business in 2018 during his college years. Using his Instagram theme pages for advertising, Biaheza experienced immediate success, generating $33,000 in sales and a net income of $25,000 in just his first month. 

His decision to quit his job and dedicate himself to the venture paid off, as sales soared to $136,000 with 40% margins within six months, largely due to effective Facebook ads. Biaheza’s business has continued to grow, now boasting over $400,000 in monthly sales. 

His journey and insights are shared on his YouTube channel, which has attracted over 1.2 million subscribers and more than 100 million views by 2024, making him a prominent figure in the digital marketing and e-commerce space.

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Biaheza Dropshipping

What’s included in Biaheza Dropshipping?

The course is segmented into nine modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of the dropshipping model, from product selection to creating a Shopify website, managing social media pages, and crafting viral advertisements.

Module 1: Identifying Top-Performing Products

Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course is a concise yet informative program designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the complexity of setting up a successful dropshipping business. 

This section emphasizes the importance of selecting products that solve a problem and are unique, suggesting the use of tools like Dropship Spy, Ecom Hunt, and Alishark for finding product ideas, albeit these are not free.

Module 2: Starting Your Shopify Site: A Beginner’s Tutorial

The course simplifies the process of creating a Shopify website, suggesting a focus on a single product. This module provides a basic foundation, though it challenges the learner to consider diversifying their product range for greater stability.

Module 3: Your Company Social Media Pages

This segment addresses the importance of building a professional Instagram page, recommending the use of at least nine images, and exploring follower acquisition strategies, despite cautioning against purchasing followers.

Module 4: Creating Viral Advertisements

Learners are taught how to create engaging ads, potentially viral, through influencer partnerships or professional services. However, the module leans more towards theory than practical, step-by-step instruction.

Module 5: The Facebook Pixel

A quick tutorial on using the Facebook pixel introduces the concept of lookalike audiences, crucial for targeting ads but assumes a level of pre-existing traffic and sales data.

Module 6: Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Theme Page Marketing

This part offers insights into selecting and working with Instagram theme pages, highlighting the importance of matching your product’s niche with the page’s audience for effective shout-outs.

Module 7: Full Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

Biaheza outlines a basic Facebook Ads strategy, suggesting it as a standalone start for an online store. While helpful, the module doesn’t provide in-depth training for complete beginners in paid advertising.

Module 8: How to Fulfill Orders

Using DSers.com for order fulfillment is explored, demonstrating the ease of bulk processing with AliExpress, though it’s presented as a future concern rather than an immediate need.

Module 9: Things You Need to Know

The final module expands to include multiple videos covering taxes, legal considerations, and the hiring of customer support through platforms like Upwork, addressing broader business management aspects.

Biaheza’s Course while it excels in providing a broad overview and practical tips, particularly in product selection and social media marketing, it occasionally falls short in offering in-depth tutorials for complete beginners. However, it serves as a solid foundation for anyone looking to enter the dropshipping field.

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Biaheza Dropshipping

Cost of Biaheza Dropshipping 

The Biaheza Dropshipping Course is available for a one-time fee of $294. However, potential drop shippers should be informed of additional expenses beyond the course fee. 

Advertising costs should be accounted for in your budget, with a recommended minimum of $5 per day to begin your marketing activities. Additionally, after experiencing a 14-day free period, maintaining a Shopify store will cost you $39 monthly. 

Customer Reviews of Biaheza Dropshipping 

In our dedication to providing a comprehensive overview of the Biaheza Dropshipping course, we conducted an in-depth investigation into the comments, complaints, and reviews from those who enrolled in the course. It is worth noting that the course does not have many negative reviews.

However, despite the popularity and success stories associated with the program, it is important to note that the course may not be the best option for everyone interested in entering the e-commerce sector given that it doesn’t focus on beginners. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed about all courses that aim to teach similar content.

Is Biaheza Dropshipping a Scam? 

Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course is not a scam. However, it’s important to recognize that the course may not be for everyone’s needs. While it acts as an accessible entry point for dropshipping beginners, the course’s simplicity and lack of detailed content may limit those aspiring to build a highly profitable dropshipping business.

Biaheza excels in marketing and content creation, which is evident in the course, yet it might fall short for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge and insider tips specific to dropshipping. 

Additionally, the rapid pace of the lessons, although clear, might benefit from being more slow-paced to enhance comprehension and application of the material presented.

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