Do you long for a life where you can turn your ideas into a profitable online business? Yearn for the flexibility to work when you want, where you want? Let’s introduce you to “Blog Growth”, a blogging course developed by Adam Enfroy that claims to change your blogging and online income game. 

In a time where it’s challenging to identify genuine online earning opportunities among the many deceptive offers, we’re here to help you evaluate this course in detail. Is it the secret to your blogging triumph or just another hollow promise? 

Let’s unravel the truth about Blog Growth, providing you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision. Let’s dive in, and by the end, you’ll know if this course is the right fit for you. Stick around!

What is Blog Growth?

So, what exactly is “Blog Growth”? Created by Adam Enfroy, it’s an online course that claims to turn you into a money-making blogging machine. 

Sounds enticing, right? But we’ve all heard that pitch before. Adam, however, assures us this course, now in its 3rd version no less, isn’t just another scam.

It’s supposedly a comprehensive package, from beginners to advanced bloggers, on how to morph your humble blog into a thriving online business. 

The strategies, they say, come straight from Adam’s experience as a digital marketer and what he’s learned from startup companies. Let’s delve deeper and see what’s under the hood of Blog Growth.

How does Blog Growth work?

“Blog Growth”, crafted by Adam Enfroy, equips you with vital blogging skills from the ground up. The course begins by laying a strong foundation with essential elements like choosing a profitable niche, customizing your blog’s layout, and leveraging platforms like WordPress to create a lucrative blog.

The course then moves on to monetization strategies, teaching you various ways to profit from your blog, such as crafting posts for businesses or earning through affiliate links, with a primary emphasis on affiliate marketing. Adam steers you away from treating your blog as just a hobby or a journal and instead instructs you to run it like a business. This involves selecting profitable topics via search engine optimization and targeted keyword research.

The course guides you on two significant paths to expand your blog’s reach:

In summary, “Blog Growth” is a course designed to teach you to launch, grow, and monetize your blog effectively, aligning it with either passion-driven content building or profit-oriented link building.

Who is the creator of Blog Growth?

“Blog Growth” is a course by Adam Enfroy, a seasoned affiliate marketer, successful blogger, and popular YouTuber. His journey to online entrepreneurship is noteworthy. 

Initially working full-time in the tech industry, Adam transitioned to the roles of an affiliate marketer and digital marketing director, earning a six-figure monthly income. However, the high-stress, overworked lifestyle drove him to seek out passive income opportunities.

In 2019, he began blogging as a side venture, and by 2021, it evolved into his primary source of income. His journey in content creation extends to YouTube as well. 

Though his channel was created in 2006, it was not until 2021 that he began uploading content related to blogging and content marketing. His insightful content has since gathered a strong following of over 121,000 subscribers. 

In essence, Adam Enfroy is a self-made entrepreneur who leveraged the power of blogging and content creation to transition from a high-stress career to a fulfilling, passive income lifestyle.

Features of Blog Growth

“Blog Growth” is a blogging course with a clear and straightforward interface, organized into 11 sections or “phases”. The course content is delivered via videos, which, if watched at normal speed, would take around 40 hours to complete. The lessons lack transcripts or subtitles, and the search functionality could be improved, so navigating back to specific lessons may be challenging.

However, the quality of the video lessons is commendable. Adam Enfroy and Colin Shipp, the program’s trainers, conduct these lessons. They effectively complement each other, occasionally using “fly-ins” to enrich your learning experience about profitable blog building. Additional input comes from Jessica La in the module “Monetizing Your Skills with Services”.

Enrolling in “Blog Growth” also gives you access to several unique resources. These include a private Facebook group for students, a private link exchange group on Slack, and unlimited 1-on-1 coaching calls. 

Though the coaching calls are not with Adam himself, they are conducted by his team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. This unlimited coaching feature is distinctive, as it’s not commonly offered in other blogging or affiliate marketing courses.

Also worth mentioning is the private community associated with the course. Many students value this community as much as the course material itself, appreciating the opportunities it presents for collaborations, guest posts, and other activities. 

In summary, “Blog Growth” provides an inclusive learning environment with valuable content, resources, and community engagement.

Cost of Blog Growth

The “Blog Growth” course is originally priced at $3,900. However, by viewing the free masterclass, you can acquire the full course for an upfront payment of $1,497. Two monthly payment plans are also available: you can opt for a three-month plan with payments of $599 per month (totaling $1,797), or a two-month plan with payments of $799 per month (totaling $1,598).

After purchasing the course, there won’t be any upsells. However, do note that running a blog involves additional costs for tools and maintenance. Based on estimates from websitebuilderexpert, the average setup cost for a blog ranges from $50 to $200, with monthly maintenance costs of around $20 to $60. 

Adam Enfroy also recommends a number of tools to enhance your content creation process, including Ahrefs, SurferSEO,, Grammarly Pro,, and ClearScope.

Customer Reviews of Blog Growth

Our thorough online research led us to some critical reviews about Adam Enfroy and his “Blow Growth” course. Several posts on Reddit questioned the credibility of his income claims before he began offering courses. Some users expressed skepticism about his intent, suggesting it might have been a strategy to gain publicity and build a reputation before launching the course. They cautioned against believing anyone who promises six-figure incomes through their prescribed methods.

According to these critiques, these instructors often create a series of courses, each more expensive than the last, with the intention of upselling at each level. Concerns were also raised about the significant amount spent by Enfroy on backlinks, PR, and his reliance on course sales for revenue.

One user, claiming experience in digital marketing for multimillion-dollar e-learning companies, noted that many such courses offer little beyond what can be found freely on the web or in less expensive courses. This user bought a Pinterest Avalanche course from another provider for the purpose of evaluation, only to find it offered little value for the cost.

Another user, claiming to be in a similar niche to Enfroy, characterized his quick rise to success as a probable marketing stunt. The user laid out a typical pattern followed by digital marketing “gurus”, including rapid brand building, expanding across multiple channels, focusing on money in most content, and significant investment in backlinks, testimonials, SEO, and ads, all while downplaying or omitting expenses. 

According to this critique, these figures eventually secure larger affiliate partnerships and sell their products at high markups, ultimately achieving the success they initially claimed to have.

Is Blog Growth a Scam?

After an extensive review that we conductor, we can say that the Blog Growth course is not a scam and it provides useful information. However, with all the available options nowadays, this might not be the best option for beginners and to start making money online.

Alternatives to Blog Growth

While the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a useful resource, other alternatives offer unique perspectives and benefits. One such alternative is an approach that guides aspirants from the monotony of 9-5 jobs to the freedom of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. 

This strategy emphasizes low startup costs, lack of need for an existing product or service, no requirement for inventory or dealing with customer support, and the potential for generating passive income. This strategy, created by an individual who transitioned from a traditional engineering job to a full-time affiliate marketer, offers a tangible example of success in the realm of affiliate marketing. The course offers a comprehensive framework that has proven effective not only for its creator but also for countless students.

Our best recommendation to make money online in 2023

As we step into 2023, the “Leave Your Soul-Sucking 9-5 Job Blueprint” by Jonathan Montoya stands out as a top choice for online income generation. 

This guide provides a powerful 7-step blueprint to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It’s the brainchild of a former 9-5 worker who transformed into a six-figure super affiliate in just six months.

The course teaches you how to select a niche, pick the perfect product, create a passive income system, and more. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a sustainable strategy for building a successful online business with minimal start-up costs.

With hard work and dedication, you can achieve not just financial freedom, but a fulfilling lifestyle.

Ready to change your life? Start your journey towards financial independence today by downloading a free PDF of the blueprint. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your 9-5 life into a life of freedom and fulfillment!