Ever considered turning your blog into a source of income by sharing your expertise and experiences? Blogging Fast Lane might be your option. Currently, there are numerous options available for those aiming to establish an online passive income stream with just a blog. 

Blogging, when mixed with affiliate marketing, stands out as an excellent option, transforming your insights and expertise into financial gains. However, given the numerous options of blog courses out there,  is important to select the one that truly leads to success.

In this review, we’ll talk about a course that’s getting popular: Blogging Fast Lane. Which is a course designed by Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino. 

We’ll explore what this program contains, its costs, how it works, potential additional expenses, talk about whether it’s a scam, address any complaints, weigh its pros and cons, and ultimately provide you with a verdict so you can decide if this option adjusts to your expectations and needs.

Blogging Fast Lane

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What is Blogging Fast Lane? 

The Blogging Fast Lane course, created by experienced travel bloggers Tom and Anna of “Adventure In You”, is an extensive 8-week online program aimed at teaching the basics of creating a successful blog.

This course aims to help bloggers create a steady flow of income, focusing mainly on an affiliate marketing blog, often called the “Affiliate Machine.” Tom and Anna provide practical strategies and blueprints based on their own successful experiences, ensuring that the course offers practical, actionable content.

Key topics covered in the course include:

Each lesson is complemented with actionable steps, workbooks, written transcripts, and community support to ensure practical application. Recognizing that blogging is a journey that requires time and effort, the course is structured to foster long-term success rather than promising immediate results.

How Does Blogging Fast Lane Work?

The ‘Blogging Fast Lane’ program teaches the creation of a blog from scratch, centered around your personal interests. It leads participants through the steps of establishing a blog within a niche they are passionate about. 

Additionally, the course provides insights on how to excel in organic traffic through successful search engine rankings. It also contains training on how to monetize the blog with affiliate marketing and ads, so you can transform your passion into a viable income stream.

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Who are Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino, the Creator of Blogging Fast Lane?

Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers are the creators of the ‘Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator’ course, as well as the founders of Adventureinyou.com

Anna, a graduate of De La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a post-graduate certificate from the University of Nottingham, has spent the last nine years traveling the world. It was during these travels that she met Tom Rogers, her husband and business partner.

Tom, with a background in technology and a knack for business coaching and entrepreneurship, diverged from a potential career in Aerospace Engineering to travel globally. His current focus is on helping other entrepreneurs expand their businesses through his coaching program and online courses.

What’s Included in Blogging Fast Lane? 

The Blogging Fast Lane course is structured into an eight-week program, each week focusing on a unique aspect of successful blogging:

Week 1- Establishing a Blogging Mindset:

This initial week is about instilling a mindset focused on monetizing passions. It includes lessons from Anna and Tom’s own experiences in travel blogging and strategies to work smarter, not harder.

Week 2 – Introduction to Affiliate Marketing:

Here, the course delves into the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, teaching how to effectively incorporate affiliate links and understand the key metrics for expanding blog reach.

Week 3 – Mastering Passive Income Through Affiliates:

This week is dedicated to optimizing affiliate marketing for maximum earnings, involving strategies for targeted content marketing and insights into diverse affiliate programs.

Week 4 – Authority Building and Content Strategy:

The focus shifts to creating high-quality content and building a blog’s authority. This includes learning about keyword research and content planning to enhance traffic and rankings.

Week 5 – Fundamentals of SEO:

In this segment, the course introduces the essential elements of SEO, laying the groundwork for successful search engine optimization. It also gets into typical SEO problems and offers strategies for addressing these challenges.

Week 6 – Advanced SEO Techniques:

Building on the previous week, this part of the course explores more complex SEO tactics, aiming to further improve blog rankings in search engines.

Week 7 – Trust Marketing Techniques:

In this week, the course addresses the importance of building trust with the audience. It focuses on creating trust marketing campaigns and strategies for effective email marketing.

Week 8 – Streamlining and Launching the Affiliate System:

The final week revolves around automating and fine-tuning the blog’s affiliate system to ensure efficient and consistent passive income generation.

As part of the course, learners will gain knowledge not only in the technicalities of blogging and affiliate marketing, but will also acquire the mindset and strategic approaches necessary to ensure their blog is both profitable and enduring.

What Niches Does Blogging Fast Lane include?

The Blogging Fast Lane course, while created by travel bloggers Anna and Tom, is versatile and applicable to a variety of niches, not limited to travel blogging. 

The course’s structure and content are designed to be adaptable, making it suitable for bloggers focusing on various topics such as lifestyle, food, weddings, sports, health, self-help, and many others. This flexibility makes the course stand out, as it doesn’t matter what specific niche a participant chooses to blog about.

The key focus of the course is on building a profitable blog, regardless of the topic, as long as there is passion and dedication to the chosen niche. This approach makes Blogging Fast Lane inclusive and practical for bloggers with diverse interests and specialties.

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Cost of Blogging Fast Lane

The Blogging Fast Lane course is priced at $697, with occasional promotions offering it at lower rates. 

On the other hand, the course has also been listed at $997, subject to variability due to frequent discounts. For those who find the one-time payment offer, there’s an option to pay in installments, making it more accessible. 

While this price might seem high for some, it’s perceived as reasonable by others, especially considering the long-term return on investment (ROI) potential.

Customer Reviews of Blogging Fast Lane 

After conducting an exhaustive investigation into the feedback and reviews of the “Blogging Fast Lane” course on popular sites on the internet,  we didn’t find negative reviews. We searched on popular sites like Reddit and Trust Pilot, but couldn’t find any info. 

This missing information on customer feedback and reviews should be a topic that everyone should think about before enrolling in this course. 

Is Blogging Fast Lane a scam?

Blogging Fast Lane is not a scam. The course, led by Tom and Anna, offers comprehensive knowledge on blogging, guiding participants in establishing their blogging businesses. 

It’s important to recognize that blogging, much like any online business, requires dedication and may involve a learning curve. Success in this field often involves navigating through various challenges, including identifying the most suitable niche and products for your blog.

The course aims to equip learners with the necessary skills and insights to navigate these aspects effectively.

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