Are you on the lookout for a special way to generate an online income, with different options from Aliexpress, eBay, or Social Media Ads? Dropship Unlocked is presented as a distinctive course, created by Lewis Smith, targeting the UK market with an innovative approach to dropshipping.

This course promises to guide you towards dealing in high-ticket items rather than the usual small, less expensive products. With promises of substantial returns on infrequent but significant sales.

In this blog post, we will explore what Dropship Unlocked is, how it works, who the creator is, what is included, cost and hidden costs, customer reviews, and if it is a scam, so you can know how this course will help you reach your goals. 

What is Dropship Unlocked? 

Dropship Unlocked is an online course designed for people interested in starting a dropshipping business without depending on common platforms like Aliexpress, eBay, or the use of social media advertisements. 

This course differentiates itself by focusing on the sale of high-ticket items rather than the conventional approach of selling lower-priced, more frequently purchased goods. The strategy promises that while sales may be less frequent, each sale will be significant enough to sustain one’s income for an extended period.

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How Does Dropship Unlocked Work?

Dropship Unlocked, operates as an educational entity in the UK, focusing on instructing students on how to establish dropshipping businesses. The base of its structure is the Home-Turf Advantage model, which emphasizes the importance of partnering with reliable UK suppliers to source e-commerce products that are directly delivered to customers. 

While this arranged learning model ensures a comprehensive understanding of each module, it may not align with the preferences of those enthusiastic to go into specific areas of interest immediately or those looking to expedite their business launch.

Who is Lewis Smith?

Lewis Smith is an entrepreneur who is well-connected within the dropshipping community, besides his participation in events like the Nomad Summit in Thailand, where he has spoken about high-ticket dropshipping, highlighting his expertise and commitment to this niche.

He presumes a rapid ascent to success in dropshipping, saying to has generated his first million in revenue within 15 months of starting. This achievement, coupled with his experience generating over 2 million UDS in sales from his dropshipping stores, positions him as a successful figure in the industry.

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What’s in Dropship Unlocked?

Dropship Unlocked is structured like a six-week online training program, divided into six modules, suggesting that participants go through one module per week. This rhythm fits with creator Lewis Smith’s philosophy that learning the dropshipping business is “a marathon, not a sprint.”

Module 1: Entrepreneurial Foundations

This Module lays the groundwork for aspiring entrepreneurs, with Lewis Smith explaining core dropshipping principles and the steps to start and officially register your business. 

Module 2: Niche Selection

This module helps you choose a profitable niche, refine product research, and choose the most viable niche. It also introduces a technique for discovering hard-to-reach suppliers to stand out in the market.

Module 3: Online Store Development

Teaches business technology basics and provides a plan for technical skill enhancement. By the end, you’ll have a functional e-commerce store and knowledge of boosting sales through email marketing.

Module 4: Supplier Engagement

Focuses on identifying and contacting top suppliers, offering strategies for effective communication and partnership establishment, plus handling common supplier queries.

Module 5: Sales Strategies

Covers marketing fundamentals, emphasizing attracting high-value customers via Google Shopping and AI tools, along with remarketing methods to recapture interest from potential customers.

Module 6: Business Scaling

Explores performance measurement, business scaling, and process optimization for running your business efficiently, aiming for a workload of 2 hours per day, eventually reducing to weekly.


Participants also receive various bonus materials, standard to many dropshipping courses, such as:

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Cost of Dropship Unlocked

Dropship Unlocked is introduced through a free, pre-recorded webinar, guiding on launching a UK dropshipping business without traditional platforms like Aliexpress. The true cost, around $3,600, is disclosed in a follow-up coaching call to assess applicant compatibility. 

Enrollment requires a detailed survey and a 45-minute discussion, potentially with creator Lewis Smith, although the course content is standard for all students. With an entry fee of over $3,000, this comprehensive training represents a significant financial commitment.

Customer Reviews of Dropship Unlocked

In investigating the complaints and reviews related to Dropship Unlocked, we discovered a negative review on Trustpilot. Where one person highlighted a lack of negative feedback available, pointing out that the course actively discourages such critiques within their Facebook group, with the threat of losing access to the content.

Even though they gave props to the course for its easy-to-understand and well-organized content, this person expressed disappointment in the lack of special unique value provided. He mentioned that the course fell short of delivering crucial market opportunity data and supplier contacts.

Finally, this person’s advice to potential drop shippers is to use up all the free resources available online, like Google and YouTube, for market research and reaching out to suppliers before thinking about paying for courses.

Is Dropship Unlocked a Scam? 

Dropship Unlocked is not a scam; it indeed offers valuable lessons on dropshipping, particularly in the UK market. Participants can expect to gain insights into selecting high-ticket items, setting up a dropshipping business without relying on traditional platforms like Aliexpress or eBay, and understanding the logistics and legalities specific to the UK.

However, despite these benefits, Dropship Unlocked might not be the optimal choice for everyone. The course’s high cost is a significant barrier for many potential drop-shippers, especially when considering that much of the information it offers can potentially be found through careful research on free platforms.

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Benefits and Downsides of Dropship Unlocked 

Benefits of Dropship Unlocked

The downsides of Dropship Unlocked

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