Are you looking to break into affiliate marketing but unsure where to start or whom to trust? The Freedom Affiliate Launch online course, created by Jade and Kev, could be the guide you need.

This comprehensive training program is designed to help beginners build a successful business online, covering everything from basic principles to advanced strategies for scaling and maximizing profits.

In this blog post, we will learn who Jade and Kev are, the cost of the course, and any additional or hidden fees. We’ll also look into any complaints, the pros and cons, and give you our final verdict to help you decide if this is the right affiliate marketing course. 

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What is Freedom Affiliate Launch?

The Freedom Affiliate Launch is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course designed by the Australians Jade and Kev. Mainly focused on beginners, this course offers a thorough education on establishing a successful online business. 

This course teaches participants: 

Ideal for Beginners

For those new to affiliate marketing, Freedom Affiliate Launch serves as an ideal entry point. Jade and Kev’s expertise ensures that students receive clear, easy-to-follow instructions and the necessary tools to start and grow their online business effectively, making the journey from beginner to successful marketer as easy as possible.

An advantage of enrolling in this course is the invitation to join The Freedom Partner Program, allowing students to start earning affiliate commissions while they learn. 

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How Does Freedom Affiliate Launch Work?

The Freedom Affiliate Launch operates through a structured program divided into nine modules, each focusing on distinct aspects of affiliate marketing. This organized approach ensures that students systematically build their knowledge and skills. 

The course begins with the introduction of the Freedom Framework, establishing the basis with essential topics such as:

Additionally, it delves into the five key elements of a time freedom framework, setting the stage for comprehensive learning through the intricacies of affiliate marketing.

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Who are Jade and Kev, the Creators of Freedom Affiliate Launch?

Jade and Kev, are an Australian couple who turned to affiliate marketing. Jade, originally a naturopath, changed into marketing, while Kev worked as a miner. Versus debt, they sought freedom from traditional employment, which led them to build a motorhome, travel to Australia, and learn about affiliate marketing. 

By 2020, using their first-hand experience and the lessons learned from their travels and initial struggles, they established their educational company, The Freedom Formula. Their inaugural course, “Ten Steps to 6 Figures Online,” evolved into what is now known as “The Freedom Affiliate Launch.” 

Jade and Kev stand out for their practical approach to teaching affiliate marketing, emphasizing organic marketing strategies that focus on solving the audience’s problems rather than aggressive sales tactics.

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What’s Included in Freedom Affiliate Launch?

The Freedom Formula Launch course offers a comprehensive set of resources designed to guide beginners through the complexities of affiliate marketing. This course covers a broad range of essential topics, including:

This course stands out as a thorough educational tool for anyone interested in starting or growing an online business through affiliate marketing, offering valuable strategies for both beginners and experienced marketers focusing on enhancing their expertise and capabilities.

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Cost of Freedom Affiliate Launch

The cost of the Freedom Formula Launch course is positioned as accessible, especially when compared to similar offerings in the market, with a basic entry price of USD 97. This price is considered a good value considering the amplitude of resources and information provided.

However, it’s important to note that the course also features optional high-ticket upgrades for those looking to deepen their involvement and knowledge. Additionally, participants interested in becoming affiliates for Courses from The Freedom Formula carry a monthly charge of $97.

Customer Review of Freedom Affiliate Launch

After researching thoroughly the complaints and reviews of the Freedom Formula Launch course, it became evident that the course has not had any negative reviews. This finding highlights the program’s effectiveness and the satisfaction it provides to its participants. 

The absence of negative feedback highlights the course’s comprehensive approach to teaching affiliate marketing, the value it provides for the investment,  and the positive results achieved by students. 

This track record of positive experiences suggests that the Freedom Formula Launch is a credible and valuable resource for those looking to enter or improve their skills in affiliate marketing.

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Is Freedom Affiliate Launch a Scam?

The course Freedom Formula Launch is not a scam; it offers substantial educational content on affiliate marketing, including lessons on increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, and automating business processes for passive income. 

However, despite its value the Freedom Formula Launch may not suit everyone. The initial financial commitments, including the basic course price and monthly charges for affiliate partnerships, can be challenging for those on a limited budget. 

Additionally, the focus on high-cost upgrades and the financial investment requirement to join the affiliate program may not fit everyone’s financial situation or trading strategies.

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