These days, the popularity of online courses promising lucrative careers is stronger than ever. One such program that has captured the attention of many aspiring small-business owners is the Keyboard Rich bookkeeping challenge. This program offers bookkeeping skills and strategies for attracting clients and growing a business. 

As the demand for flexible, work-from-home opportunities increases, so does the necessity to evaluate these online courses. This review is essential not just for potential bookkeepers but for anyone looking to invest in their future through online education. 

In this post, we’ll review the Keyboard Rich program, exploring what it is and what you can learn from this course. We’ll see if the Keyboard Rich bookkeeping challenge is a legitimate path to financial independence. 

Image of the book Keyboard Rich by Bill Von Fumetti

What is Keyboard Rich?

The Keyboard Rich program, formerly known as the Booming Bookkeeping Business, is an extensive online course designed to guide people in launching and managing a profitable bookkeeping business. The initiative was launched to transform traditional bookkeeping into a profitable, digital-first business opportunity.

Focus on business setup and sales strategies

Central to the course is its emphasis on establishing a solid business plan,  including setting up legal and operational structures to support a newly formed business. 

However, the program places a strong emphasis on sales techniques, which are crucial for any service-based enterprise looking to succeed in today’s competitive market. Participants learn to master the art of client acquisition and retention, employing a mix of modern marketing strategies and traditional sales approaches.

Use of essential tools

Keyboard Rich sets itself apart by incorporating specialized tools designed to improve business efficiency and profitability. Among these is the Bookkeeping Services Pricing Calculator, an indispensable resource for setting competitive yet profitable pricing structures. 

This tool simplifies the process for users  dealing with the complexities of service pricing, ensuring they remain competitive while increasing their earnings.

Advanced applications and platform profiling

The course goes beyond basic bookkeeping by exploring advanced applications of Quickbooks Online and detailing how to set up professional profiles on platforms like Quickbooks ProAdvisor and LinkedIn. 

The Keyboard Rich program offers a complete approach for aspiring and current bookkeepers looking to succeed in their careers. By focusing on innovative marketing strategies, effective sales tactics, and the integration of practical tools, it promises a viable pathway to success in the digital phase of bookkeeping.

What can you learn from the Booming Bookkeeping Course? 

The Booming Bookkeeping Business course offers a package designed to prepare aspiring bookkeepers with the essential tools and knowledge needed for success. Here’s a summary of what you can expect from the program:

Who is Bill Von Fumetti?

Bill Von Fumetti is a known figure in the field of accounting and bookkeeping, renowned for his innovative approach to education and business strategy. Born and raised in Iowa, Bill ventured to California to pursue higher education. His academic background provides a solid foundation for his future career in the business world.

Professional achievements

Bill founded the Von Fumetti accounting firm in Redondo Beach, California, offering services like bookkeeping and tax preparation. His leadership earned him recognition as a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and his insights have been featured in Forbes and other top publications.


Image of the program Keyboard Rich bookkeeping challenge

Is Running a Bookkeeping Business Profitable?  

The profitability of a bookkeeping business is of great interest, especially for those who have completed professional training programs like the Keyboard Rich. Indeed, students in this course frequently report positive financial outcomes. 

The course emphasizes the technical skills required for bookkeeping and the critical business know-how, including client capture and retention strategies, which are very important for achieving such success.

Market demand for bookkeepers

The demand for bookkeepers continues to be high across various industries. Despite concerns about automation and artificial intelligence, the personalized attention and deep understanding that a human bookkeeper provides are irreplaceable, especially in complex financial scenarios. 

Long-term profitability and market trends

Analyzing the long-term viability of a bookkeeping business, it’s clear that the profession remains highly marketable. With the right training and strategic positioning, bookkeepers can secure a steady stream of clients, benefiting from the recurring nature of bookkeeping tasks. 

Is Booming Bookkeeping Worth It?

With its focus on practical, real-world applications and business strategies, the course gives students the necessary tools to succeed.

Here are some of the things you need to know to consider whether Booming Bookkeeping is worth it:

1-How much do you need to invest?

The booming accounting business (Keyboard Rich) requires investment, financially and in terms of time and effort. Prospective students should be prepared to fully commit to the course’s extensive 90-day plan of study, which covers from fundamental accounting principles to advanced marketing strategies.


2-Commitment and effort required

The course is structured for people who want to make a career transition into virtual accounting. This is not a passive learning experience; instead, it requires active participation and the application of learned skills in real-world scenarios. 

Participants should be prepared to implement the strategies taught, from establishing their business legally and effectively to actively pursuing client relationships through platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

3-Understanding the risks

While the program offers training, it does not fully protect participants from inherent industry risks, such as the potential for job automation and increased competition. Automation technology continues to advance, and while it can improve productivity, it also can be a threat to traditional accounting functions. 

4-No refund policy

Potential participants must understand that the Keyboard Rich program does not offer refunds. This policy underscores the importance of being sure of your commitment to pursuing a career in accounting before enrolling. 

Pros and cons of Booming Bookkeeping business 



image of the program Keyboard Rich bookkeeping challenge

Choose the right bookkeeping program for you

Before investing in any specialized online business opportunity, like the Keyboard Rich bookkeeping program, it is crucial to thoroughly understand its specific features and demands. Bookkeeping is a highly specialized area requiring detailed knowledge and precise skills. 

You should carefully evaluate these elements, ensuring you are prepared for the challenges of the course and the competitive market. This informed approach is vital for making educated decisions in the specialized and dynamic field of online education and entrepreneurship.

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