Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, making the idea of joining the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Marketing Program incredibly attractive.

Since 1854, this French brand has been all about elegant style, good quality, and fresh designs. His name has been synonymous with fashion that transcends time, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. 

In this post, you’ll learn everything about this affiliate marketing program, including what Louis Vuitton is, which products you can promote, and how to identify scam sites that falsely claim to be legitimate Louis Vuitton affiliates.

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What is Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton, was founded by the visionary French fashion designer and craftsman Louis Vuitton, who was born in Paris, setting a new standard for luxury and elegance. Known for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs, Louis Vuitton quickly became a symbol of high fashion and societal status.

Recognized for its luxury leather goods, Louis Vuitton’s iconic handbags, such as the Speedy, Neverfull, and the Alma, have become emblematic of the brand’s design values. Beyond bags, its product range extends to high-quality watches, sophisticated jewelry, and various accessories, each representing the essence of the Louis Vuitton spirit.

Louis Vuitton’s impact on the luxury market is undeniable. Its commitment to quality, coupled with innovative design, has set the brand apart, making it a admired name among fashion enthusiasts and collectors around the world. 

People queueing outside a Louis Vuitton store with large display windows and the brand's name prominently featured, relevant to the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Marketing Program topic

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program: Is it Real?

Despite its towering presence in the luxury fashion industry, Louis Vuitton does not offer an official affiliate marketing program. This clarification is important because get-rich-quick schemes attract with the promise of lucrative commissions through non-existent Louis Vuitton affiliate programs. 

Scam sites and deceptive social media content, including TikTok videos, falsely advertise the opportunity to earn money by joining a so-called Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program. These fraudulent schemes operate by asking individuals to engage in suspicious activities, such as creating pins on Pinterest with fake affiliate links. 

These links often redirect buyers to completely unrelated pages, including Amazon, under the pretext of promoting Louis Vuitton products. Also, the operation of these scams doesn’t stop at misleading links, because it often requests personal information, such as your full name, website, email address, and password, under the pretense of registration.

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Watch out with Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Scam Sites

Online platforms are full of attractive offers that are often misleading, especially in the area of affiliate marketing. An excellent example of such deception is INRDeals, a website that has been prominently advertised as an entry into the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program.

These scam sites operate by exploiting the high commissions, tempting people with the promise of joining an affiliate program linked to a prestigious brand like Louis Vuitton. Participants are often asked to submit personal information, including full names, email addresses, websites, and passwords.

Engaging with such fraudulent schemes can have severe repercussions. Beyond the immediate risk of personal data compromise, participating in these scams undermines trust in the digital marketplace and can potentially expose people to legal consequences. 

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Legitimate Ways to Promote Louis Vuitton Products

While Louis Vuitton itself does not offer an affiliate marketing program, there are still viable avenues for promoting their luxurious products. By aligning with authorized retailers and eCommerce platforms that feature Louis Vuitton items, affiliates can engage in promoting these high-end goods within the framework of existing affiliate programs.

1. Net-a-Porter

Catering primarily to a female audience, Net-a-Porter   is a leading online luxury fashion retailer. Their affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for marketers to earn commissions on sales of designer brands, including Louis Vuitton. 

Known for its extensive range of high-end clothing, footwear, and accessories, Net-a-Porter combines attractive commission rates with a wide selection of products, making it a prime choice for fashion enthusiasts.

2. Farfetch

The Farfetch affiliate program rewards marketers with competitive commissions and provides access to a diverse selection of luxury fashion items. With its user-friendly interface and attractive creative assets, Farfetch is an attractive option for those looking to promote high-end fashion products.


Specializing in a curated selection of luxury clothing, footwear, and accessories, YOOX offers affiliates the chance to tap into a global market. Their program features competitive commissions and supports the promotion of a wide range of luxury brands, making it a valuable resource for affiliates focused on high-end fashion.

4. Luxury Garage Sale

For those interested in sustainable fashion and vintage finds, Luxury Garage Sale provides a unique platform specializing in pre-owned luxury items. The growing demand for luxury resale makes their affiliate program an attractive option, offering the potential for commissions while promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

5. Fashionphile

As a trusted platform for buying and selling pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories, Fashionphile’s affiliate program caters to those looking to earn commissions by directing customers to authentic, high-quality luxury items. This program is particularly   attractive to affiliates focused on sustainable luxury shopping.

6. Mr. Porter

As a destination for men’s luxury fashion, Mr. Porter offers an expansive selection of clothing, accessories, and grooming products. Their affiliate program is ideal for targeting a male demographic that values high-quality fashion, providing a platform to earn commissions on sales generated through referrals.

7. Bonus

When considering these alternative affiliate programs, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to understand the specific requirements, commission rates, and tracking tools provided by each platform. 

Finding the best fit for your marketing strategy and audience can maximize your potential earnings while promoting Louis Vuitton products through these reputable channels.

Before joining any program, be sure to review their terms, commissions, and promotional tools to find the perfect match for your audience and niche. If you’re ready to initiate an affiliate marketing journey with reputable luxury fashion platforms, the time is now.

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In affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, staying informed and cautious is key. Success in this field is about making connections and requires diligence, adherence to ethical standards, and a genuine commitment to providing value to your audience.

Knowing affiliate marketing opportunities means distinguishing legitimate programs from scams and understanding the specific nuances of promoting luxury goods. With the right approach and resources, affiliate marketing can lead you to success.

Create a strategy that is profitable and respectful of the luxury brands you intend to promote. Unlock the potential of affiliate marketing, where diligence, integrity, and courage lead the way to achieving your goals.

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