Are you looking for an opportunity to achieve financial freedom right from your home? Notary2Notary is an online platform that claims to provide you with the knowledge necessary to launch your own notary business and achieve what you’re looking for. 

Currently, according to a study published on Linkedin, online jobs are increasingly popular, and the global E-Notary Software market is booming. In 2022 it was valued at USD 203.17 million and is projected to reach USD 699.9 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 22.89% from 2022 to 2028. 

We’ve reviewed the complete Notary2Notary platform to provide you with an honest opinion of it. We will talk about what is, how does works, who the creator is, what´s included, costs, if it is a scam, pros and cons, and the final review.    

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What is Notary2Notary? 

Notary2Notary is an online education platform offered to individuals aspiring to establish a career in the notary field in the United States. This platform offers courses and webinars, designed to guide students through becoming a notary public, starting a mobile notary business, or exploring various other opportunities within the industry. 

A significant feature of Notary2Notary is its commitment to community support. Students gain exclusive access to a private social media group where they can interact with industry experts and learners, asking questions, and looking for advice, while fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

Based in Chester, Virginia, Notary2Notary positions itself as a promoting place for aspiring notary professionals, providing both educational resources and a supportive community network.

How Does Notary2Notary Work?

The Notary2Notary program educates on how a notary business operates by serving clients who need professional authorization for various legal documents. Notaries can diversify their income sources in several ways. 

As Notary Signing Agents, they play a crucial role in home loan processes, guiding clients to prevent fraud and save resources. Embracing technology, they can expand their reach as Remote Online Notaries (RON), offering services beyond their immediate geographical area. 

Additionally, specializing as Apostille Agents enables them to certify important documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses for international purposes, which demands a thorough understanding of global legal requirements.

Who is Vanessa Terry, the Creator of Notary2Notary?

Vanessa Terry, a student from Virginia Commonwealth University, is the person behind Notary2Notary. Her journey, marked by diverse job experiences, led her to the notary business, where she accumulated substantial industry expertise before launching her own company.

Vanessa’s proficiency in the field is further evidenced by her authorship of “How To Earn $1,000 A Week As A Notary Public: Ultimate Guide To Building A Successful Notary Business.” Her achievements obtained recognition in 2021 when she was listed among Forbes’ Next 1000 entrepreneurs.

Currently, Vanessa dedicates herself to educating others through Notary2Notary. She offers online training courses, webinars, and live events, primarily targeting students aspiring to earn through a notary career. 

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What’s included in Notary2Notary?

Notary2Notary offers a diverse and comprehensive range of courses on its platform, each designed to explain different aspects of the notary business and professional development. Here’s a snapshot of the courses available:

1- The Ultimate Notary Bundle: A basic course for new notaries, covering the essentials of becoming a notary signing agent, general notary work, Remote Online Notarization (RON), and business financial management.

2- Notary Signing Agent Training: An interactive program that guides you through becoming a successful notary signing agent, with lifetime access to sample loan documents and a list of 100+ clients to kickstart your business.

3- 52 Weeks of Notary Training: A year-long comprehensive training program designed to unlock your notarial potential with weekly lessons and exercises.

4- Remote Online Notary Training: Covers the basics of electronic notarization, including obtaining a Notary seal, choosing the right e-notary platform, marketing, and record-keeping.

5- 10K Notary Challenge: A 30-day challenge focused on applying all training programs to achieve a goal of earning $10,000 in a month. 

6- 2000+ ChatGPT Prompts for Your Notary Business: Offers exclusive ChatGPT prompts to improve success in the notary industry.

7- The Golden Ticket Bundle: Provides lifetime access to 18 Notary2Notary courses.

8- How to Earn $1000 a Week as a Notary: Teaches strategies for building a successful notary public and signing agent business, especially in the real estate sector.

9- The Elite Notary Bundle: Advanced training for existing notaries looking to increase revenue and expand their business reach.

10- Virginia Basic Notary Training: A foundational course focused on the specifics of becoming a notary public in Virginia, including notarial law and regulations.

11- Financial Management for Your Notary Business: Training on business financial management, including tax filing, business credit, and understanding different entity types.

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12- Virginia E-Notary Training: Similar to the basic course but focused on becoming an electronic notary in Virginia.

13- Marketing for Your Notary Business: Teaches effective marketing strategies for notary businesses, including SEO, Google Business, social media, and more.

14- DIY Remote Online Notary Ultimate Guide

15- The Ultimate Title & Signing Company List: A comprehensive list of companies for notaries to improve their business opportunities.

16- Non-Notary Work Training: Offers training on various aspects and opportunities beyond typical notary services.

17- Government Contracting Series: A detailed series of training sessions on government contracting, including registration, terminology, bidding, and more.

18- Business Grants: Teaches the basics of securing business grants for funding your notary business.

19- How to Build a Successful Signing Service: A course on creating and managing a nationwide team of notaries and signing agents.

20- Tax & Financial Management Training: Focuses on business financials, tax preparation, and the benefits of forming an LLC or S-Corp.

21- N2N Notary Exam: A certification exam for notaries, covering general notary knowledge, loan closing, e-notary, and best practices, with a 90% passing requirement.

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Cost of Notary2Notary 

The cost for Notary2Notary is priced between $8.99 and $589, allowing for flexible options depending on the depth of the content. Additionally, webinars are available, ranging from $47 to $147, providing more focused learning sessions. 

A highlight of their offerings is the Ultimate Notary Bundle, priced at a one-time fee of $379. Also frequently offers generous discounts, often up to 50%, with announcements of these opportunities regularly made on her Instagram account.

Customer Reviews of Notary2Notary 

We really made sure to dig deep into what people are saying about Notary2Notary. We looked at all the feedback, both the good and the bad. Interestingly, we couldn’t find any bad reviews about the course.

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Is Notary2Notary a Scam? 

After our complete research, we can say that Notary2Notary is not a scam. Established in 2018 by Vanessa Terry, it has built a largely positive online reputation over the years. Here are some key points to consider:

However, it is essential to recognize that Notary2Notary may not be the perfect option for everyone based on these reasons:

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