Considering launching a Social Media Marketing Agency? If so, you’ve landed in just the right place! In this comprehensive review, we’re placing the much-debated “Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0” (SMMA 2.0) under the microscope. 

This is your go-to guide where we dissect this online course, starting from its architect, Tai Lopez, to the actual curriculum, cost, and most importantly, real user feedback. 

As navigating through the labyrinth of online courses can be an arduous task, our aim is to provide you with an unbiased, clear-cut evaluation that can aid in your decision-making process. Is SMMA 2.0 a real springboard to online income or merely another enticing digital pitfall? 

Stay tuned as we lift the veil on the hype and delve into the truth. The exploration begins now!

What is the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course? 

Tai Lopez’s “Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0” (SMMA 2.0) is an expansive online course, meticulously designed to equip you with the tools needed to launch your own marketing agency. Boasting over 35,000 participants, this program offers an immersive curriculum dedicated to transforming social media into a lucrative business venture.

Structured into four comprehensive phases, the course covers the essentials of setting up your agency, mastering the ins and outs of social media marketing, attracting and securing clients, and the pivotal aspects of automation, servicing, and team building. In addition to these core modules, students are provided with an abundance of bonus lessons, archived live calls, and an active Facebook community for ongoing support and discussion.

The content of the course is primarily video-based, with a staggering 64+ hours of material immediately accessible upon enrollment. SMMA 2.0 prides itself in its goal-oriented approach, aiming to educate students on enhancing the social media visibility of businesses and potentially earning substantial fees.

The aim of this review is to offer a candid evaluation of the SMMA 2.0 course, aiding you in determining if it’s the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey. With this, let’s delve deeper into each module and unearth the value lying within Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0.

How does Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course work?

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 (SMMA 2.0) course is divided into four main modules: Business setup, Mastering Social Media Marketing, Acquiring Clients, and Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team.

This course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to start and grow their own social media marketing agency.

Who is Tai Lopez, the creator of the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course? 

According to his official site, Tai Lopez is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer, providing advice on achieving a balanced life to his millions of followers across various platforms. He’s known for his work as an investor and advisor for multiple million-dollar businesses, owning the world’s largest book shipping club, Mentor Box, and being named the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

From a young age, Lopez sought wisdom from mentors and books, adopting a daily reading habit and treating life as a series of experiments. These experiences inspired his “67 Steps” mentor shortcuts and the creation of the “Business Mentorship” program, an alternative to traditional business school that combines self-learning and formal education.

Lopez’s journey from financial struggle to entrepreneurial success exemplifies his pursuit of the “Good Life”. His continuous sharing of wisdom inspires many toward their own success.

What’s Included in Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course? 

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) 2.0 is a four-month video course designed to guide participants in establishing and managing successful social media campaigns for small businesses, commanding a monthly fee of $1,000-$10,000. 

The program, personally taught by Lopez, covers diverse topics including securing your first high-paying client, selecting a niche, using free videos effectively, automation and scalability of your agency, business model selection, setting up a new business, crafting diverse client packages, the optimal equipment for social media marketing, client acquisition, and tracking your marketing progress.

The program is organized as follows: Month 1 focuses on choosing a specific niche, Month 2 on mastering social media, Month 3 on acquiring high-value SMMA customers, and Month 4 on servicing your customers, managing your agency, and scaling.

Upon completion, participants receive a Social Media Marketing Certification. However, Lopez stresses that a successful agency is not predicated on certification, but rather on demonstrating a solid sales process and your potential impact on businesses.

The SMMA 2.0 course includes three bonuses: 

A free ticket to any live event within a year (worth $1,200-$1,400), access to a lesson on lifestyle creation (valued at $497), and, after four months and certification, your name and contact information will be added to a website dedicated to social media experts trained under this program. 

This will increase your visibility to potential clients. In certain areas of the course, Lopez invites external experts to provide specialist knowledge. The program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Cost of the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course  

The cost of Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) 2.0 program is $697. Although there were payment plans previously available, it’s uncertain if these options remain. 

It’s crucial to note that while Tai’s course provides comprehensive training, there are alternative online courses and free resources available, such as YouTube tutorials and free live case studies from successful social media marketers.

For individuals keen on exploring social media marketing but unable to afford the initial cost of Tai’s program, these free resources could provide a stepping stone, potentially leading to securing a first client and generating income to invest in more detailed courses like SMMA 2.0.

Tai has suggested that the availability of his program is limited, which may serve as a marketing strategy to create a sense of urgency. However, if you are genuinely interested in enrolling, it is likely that reaching out to the support team could facilitate your inclusion in the program.

Customer reviews of SMMA 2.0

Our online research reveals Tai Lopez’s low Trustpilot rating of 1.7 and a negative Quora review of his Ecomm Agency course. The reviewer claims that Lopez is duping people with this course by paying for artificial positive reviews. They suggest that a quick Google search uncovers many such sponsored, misleading reviews.

The reviewer shares their disappointment with the program’s content, deeming it basic and readily available from simple online resources. 

They express regret for their purchase, driven by allegedly fake reviews, and caution others against buying from Lopez, condemning the practice of paying for positive reviews.

It’s important to remember that this is one person’s experience and a reminder of the value of thorough research before purchasing such programs.

Is the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 course a scam?

Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0 course, while criticized, isn’t a scam. It offers training on starting a social media marketing agency, but the $697 price might be high for beginners. 

The content, while extensive, can be considered basic. 

Also, Lopez’s marketing strategies might pressure buyers. It’s crucial to remember that numerous other online income sources exist, such as freelancing and affiliate marketing. 

These could be more cost-effective and flexible options. Always ensure any course fits your goals, budget, and learning style, and remember that success requires time, effort, and patience.

Alternatives to SMMA 2.0

While the Affiliate Lab course is a useful resource, other alternatives offer unique perspectives and benefits. One such alternative is an approach that guides aspirants from the monotony of 9-5 jobs to the freedom of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. This strategy emphasizes low startup costs, lack of need for an existing product or service, no requirement for inventory or dealing with customer support, and the potential for generating passive income. This strategy, created by an individual who transitioned from a traditional engineering job to a full-time affiliate marketer, offers a tangible example of success in the realm of affiliate marketing. The course offers a comprehensive framework that has proven effective not only for its creator but also for countless students.

Our best recommendation to make money online in 2023

The “Leave Your Soul-Sucking 9-5 Job Blueprint” by Jonathan Montoya stands out as a top choice for online income generation. This guide provides a powerful 7-step blueprint to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It’s the brainchild of a former 9-5 worker who transformed into a six-figure super affiliate in just six months.

The course teaches you how to select a niche, pick the perfect product, create a passive income system, and more. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a sustainable strategy for building a successful online business with minimal start-up costs. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve not just financial freedom, but a fulfilling lifestyle.

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