Are you exploring ways to monetize your online presence or stepping into the profitable world of Affiliate Marketing? 

The 123 Affiliate Marketing course offers you a way to get what you are looking for. Our detailed review will evaluate the course from all angles, evaluating its effectiveness and value proposition. 

Join us as we analyze this course, providing you with the insights needed to decide if it’s the right fit for your affiliate marketing journey.

What is 123 Affiliate Marketing?

123 Affiliate Marketing is an all-inclusive online course designed by Pat Flynn to teach individuals how to profit from Affiliate Marketing. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of the Affiliate Marketing realm, teaching its students the ropes of this potentially lucrative field.

As a roadmap to success in Affiliate Marketing, the course provides a step-by-step guide that outlines the path to identifying worthwhile affiliate marketing opportunities, promoting products, and earning commissions. 

It’s not just theory; the course is full of practical tutorials, instructive case studies, and valuable resources designed to assist learners on their affiliate marketing journey.

What sets the 123 Affiliate Marketing’ course apart is its extensive curriculum. It navigates learners through the intricate process of setting up successful affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Whether it’s recognizing products with high earning potential or developing compelling marketing messages, this course covers it all. In essence, it’s a guide to building a solid foundation in affiliate marketing and ultimately achieving financial success online.

This course primarily focuses on three crucial stages: identifying the most lucrative products, selecting the optimal Affiliate Marketing platform, and conducting legal promotions of affiliate products

How does 123 Affiliate Marketing work?

The primary goal of the Pat Fynn course is to provide you with the skills needed to monetize your existing online audience through Affiliate Marketing. 

This course isn’t designed for building affiliate websites from scratch. Instead, its focus lies in utilizing an audience you already have or are currently developing, identifying the right products to promote to them, and implementing campaigns that reinforce those promotions.

Affiliate Marketing operates as a business model where a company rewards affiliates for endorsing their products. This means that when a customer clicks on an affiliate’s link and finalizes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission on that sale.

Who is Pat Flynn, the creator of 123 Affiliate Marketing? 

Pat Flynn is an esteemed entrepreneur who has pioneered several profitable online ventures and stands as a respected figure in the digital realm. Pat’s multi-faceted career includes being a professional blogger, a keynote speaker, and the creator of the ‘Smart Passive Income’ podcast.

He belongs to a select group of marketers who transparently share real-time earnings, affirming the impressive income statements he discloses. Such evidence of his accomplishments can be found on his personal blog,

Like many savvy online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, Pat has expanded his reach through podcasting and YouTube content. Here, he generously shares tips, strategies, and advice with his substantial audience. This approach not only enhances his brand visibility but also fosters growth in his already substantial following.

His YouTube channel boasts over 415,000 subscribers and serves as an informative platform where he discusses strategies for generating passive income, provides reviews on a variety of courses, and updates viewers about his latest ventures. It’s a valuable asset for anyone aiming to establish their own online business.

What’s included in the 123 Affiliate Marketing?

The course is structured into 6 modules, each focusing on a unique facet of Affiliate Marketing. These modules are chronologically arranged to guide you from grasping the basics to employing advanced tactics. A noteworthy point is that the lessons are brief and concise, with most not even hitting the 10-minute mark, and the longest one doesn’t exceed 20 minutes.

Here are the 6 modules and the topics they cover:

Welcome, Students!

From the start, you’ll be introduced to a comprehensive tour of the entire course. You’ll get a preview of all the content, templates, and other downloadable resources that await you throughout your learning journey. 

What You Need to Know Before You Begin

This is the groundwork of the course, where you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Step 1: Choose the Right Product

In this module, you’re guided on how to select the best products that align with your niche and audience. Topics covered include understanding affiliate links, building relationships with the affiliate company, and more.

Step 2: Passive Promotional Strategies

Here, you’ll delve into effective strategies for passively promoting your chosen products. This includes integrating links into your existing and new content, setting up lucrative pages, homepage conversion strategies, and more.

Step 3: Active Promotional Strategies

This module centers on more assertive marketing strategies for your affiliate products. It encompasses a variety of techniques, such as product demos, step-by-step guides, interviews, email broadcasts, affiliate bonuses, and others.

Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book

This final module wraps up your journey with a collection of books, software, and online courses intended to further bolster your affiliate marketing skills.

Cost of 123 Affiliate Marketing

To gain lifetime access to the course, you’ll need to invest $499. However, there is an alternative worth considering.

By subscribing to the ‘Smart Passive Income All-Access Pass’, you’ll not only secure access to the ‘123 Affiliate Marketing’ course but also a suite of several other educational resources. The cost for this All-Access Pass is $179 per quarter or $599 annually.

One important thing to note is that to maximize the utility of the course, you might need to allocate additional funds for email marketing software. Pat personally recommends ConvertKit for this purpose.

Customer Reviews of 123 Affiliate Marketing

Based on our research on popular review sites like Trustpilot and Reddit, it’s noteworthy to mention that we struggled to find any reviews on Reddit and encountered just a few on Trustpilot. 

Despite a few testimonies, the absence of significant success stories can discourage prospective students.

The lack of easily available user feedback may influence potential customers’ decision-making process when purchasing this course.

Finally, when it comes to price, the majority of consumers appear to be the most worried. The course seems to be a little bit pricey for beginners o that should be something to take in mind. 

Is 123 Affiliate Marketing a scam?

While 123 Affiliate Marketing is an extensive and comprehensive course, it’s important to note that it is not a scam. However, there may be simpler, more effective alternatives for making money online. 

Although it contains well-structured and comprehensive information, critics point to a lack of meaningful success stories from students, which may make it less appealing to prospective students. Additionally, the course’s core instruction is not updated on a regular basis, which may result in outmoded approaches and strategies.

The course’s primary focus on monetizing existing audiences means it doesn’t provide training on building an audience or generating traffic, key components of successful online businesses. These aspects are worth considering when weighing the value and suitability of the course for your needs.

Alternatives to 123 Affiliate Marketing

While the 123 Affiliate Marketing course is a useful resource, other alternatives offer unique perspectives and benefits. One such alternative is an approach that guides aspirants from the monotony of 9-5 jobs to the freedom of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. This strategy emphasizes low startup costs, lack of need for an existing product or service, no requirement for inventory or dealing with customer support, and the potential for generating passive income. This strategy, created by an individual who transitioned from a traditional engineering job to a full-time affiliate marketer, offers a tangible example of success in the realm of affiliate marketing. The course offers a comprehensive framework that has proven effective not only for its creator but also for countless students.

Our best recommendation to make money online in 2023 

As we step into 2023, the “Leave Your Soul-Sucking 9-5 Job Blueprint” by Jonathan Montoya stands out as a top choice for online income generation. This guide provides a powerful 7-step blueprint for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It’s the brainchild of a former 9-5 worker who transformed into a six-figure super affiliate in just six months.

The course teaches you how to select a niche, pick the perfect product, create a passive income system, and more. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a sustainable strategy for building a successful online business with minimal start-up costs. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve not just financial freedom, but a fulfilling lifestyle.

Ready to change your life? Start your journey towards financial independence today by downloading a free PDF of the blueprint. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your 9-5 life into a life of freedom and fulfillment!

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