Have you heard about House Flipping while looking for ways to make money online?

There’s a course gaining popularity named “The Flip Secrets” which is an online program designed to transform beginners into house-flipping pros using Other People’s Money (OPM). Created by the renowned Jake Leicht, this course promises to be your roadmap to the lucrative world of real estate investment. 

But before you decide to buy the course or not, we decided to share this review on “The Flip Secrets” for you.  In this post, we’ll give you a review of the course—covering its content, creator, costs, and customer feedback to help you know if it’s the right fit for you.

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What is “The Flip Secrets” Course?

The Flip Secrets, created by Jake Leicht, is an online course designed to teach the complexities of flipping houses using Other People’s Money (OPM). 

This program emphasizes the process of identifying and buying undervalued or distressed properties, renovating them with borrowed funds, and then selling them for a profit

The fundamental approach centers on increasing returns while reducing personal financial investment. Jake Leicht assures that this technique can be effectively applied whether as a part-time or full-time business, and it can be executed locally or remotely, offering versatility and the potential for significant financial rewards.

How Do You Know if Flip Secrets Is Right for You?

Before you decide about the Flip Secrets course, you need to understand if it aligns with your financial goals, learning style, and investing capacity. Check the following information to see if this course is ideal or not for your real estate ambitions.

Who Can Benefit from Flip Secrets?

Who Might Not Benefit from Flip Secrets Less?

How Does “The Flip Secrets” work?

“The Flip Secrets” course is all about house flipping, a real estate investment strategy where properties are acquired at a lower price and sold for profit. This approach is categorized into two main models: Wholesale Flipping (Wholesaling) and Retail Flipping (Rehabbing).

1-Wholesale Flipping

In Wholesale Flipping, investors locate properties needing renovation, secure them under contract (typically from individuals or banks), and then assign the contract to another investor or rehabber, usually for a profit margin of $5,000 to $10,000. This model adheres to the 70% rule, ensuring enough profit potential for the investor.

2-Retail Flipping

Retail Flipping, on the other hand, involves investors or groups with substantial capital who purchase and rehabilitate homes. These properties are renovated, brought up to code, and then sold through realtors, often aiming for at least a 30% profit.

Jake’s course primarily focuses on the Retail Flipping model, providing in-depth knowledge for managing substantial renovations and sales. However, he also introduces the Wholesale Flipping approach, offering insights for those looking to accumulate investment funds.

How Much Does The Flip Secrets Course Cost? 

 “The Flip Secrets” course by Jake Leicht begins at a price point of $15,000. This price might initially seem intimidating, especially considering that Jake himself once expressed that such a cost could be excessive for beginners in real estate.

Despite this, he has since revised his perspective, especially for those who opt into his elite mentorship program. For participants who choose the payment plan option, the cost can increase to as much as $27,000. 

This shift reflects the value and depth of the insights, strategies, and mentorship offered in this comprehensive real estate flipping course.

Refund Policy

“The Flip Secrets” course adheres to a strict policy regarding refunds, as outlined in their terms and services. The course offers no option for a refund once a participant enrolls. This policy highlights the commitment required from participants when they decide to invest in this real estate flipping course.


Who is Jake Leicht,  the creator of The Flip Secret Course?

Jake Leicht is an important figure in the realm of house flipping, renowned for his remarkable success in the industry. Beginning his journey in January 2012 with his inaugural real estate deal, Jake has since become a formidable force in the field. 

His portfolio has over 900 flipped properties, all financed using Other People’s Money (OPM). His expertise is mainly in using OPM to fund his flipping projects, a strategy that has made him substantial profits. Jake’s story stands as a testament to his mastery of house flipping and his skillful financial movements.

Flip Secrets login page

What is included in The Flip Secrets?

“The Flip Secrets” course offers comprehensive training in real estate investment using Other People’s Money (OPM). This strategy involves buying, renovating, and selling properties with funding primarily from private lenders. 

The course is designed to teach effective tactics for identifying properties with high potential, such as undervalued or distressed properties and those in emerging neighborhoods. The program includes four main courses:

Additionally, the course offers valuable bonus content, including lender and contractor documents and templates, pre-built scripts, practical tutorials, Jake’s exclusive Flip Calculator, and access to some of his top private lenders.

For both beginners and experienced individuals in real estate and house flipping, “The Flip Secrets” spans five weeks, providing a thorough grounding in OPM-based real estate investment strategies.

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Customer reviews of the “The Flip Secrets” course

In our investigation of “The Flip Secrets” course, we’ve analyzed reviews on Trustpilot, revealing a mix of both positive and negative feedback. On the positive side, many participants express a high level of satisfaction, noting the course’s comprehensive nature. 

One reviewer mentions: “This is the first time I’ve had all the tools and knowledge to put in offers,” highlighting newfound confidence in real estate investing. Another talked about the effectiveness of the coaching calls and the abundance of information provided, stating, “The training gives so much information… it’s just incredible

On the other hand, there are negative reviews. Some participants criticize the course for deceptive advertising and poor-quality material, alleging that the methods taught border on illegality. 

Contrary to the advertised 5–10 hours per week, users claim the course requires more than 20 hours weekly to keep pace. The most alarming accusations involve denied refund requests within the stipulated three-day period and alleged falsification of communication records by the company, casting doubts about its credibility.

Is The Flip Secrets Course a Scam?

After careful evaluation, we can confirm that the Flip Secrets course by Jake Leicht is legitimate and provides valuable knowledge on real estate investment strategies. However, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Here is a breakdown that will help potential participants understand the pros and cons they can expect:



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